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Passport and ID Scanner

Desko Penter Scanner Cube

With the DESKO PENTA Scanner® Cube, we have developed an innovative OEM device for flexible installation in e-gates kiosks and counters. Equipped with the latest technology, the scanner achieves extremely rapid and reliable reading results for capturing passports, IDs, driver’s licenses and other identity documents.

Desko Penta  4X Desktop

Discover the fourth dimension of performance with the brand-new DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X. The evolution of DESKO´s bestseller and class-leading full-page scanner PENTA Scanner® is even better, even faster and even more efficient.

Desko ID-1 GO

For reliable detail inspection of ID documents in credit card format is the first device to deliver laboratory quality to your desktop. It offers impressive forensic image resolution with rapid results and optimal functionality. This makes the compact desktop device an ideal choice for international use in government offices and all areas  KYC applications.

Desko Penta Scanner

we at DESKO have developed a modular system for recording and verifying identity documents: the DESKO PENTA Scanner®. As a result, the device meets all requirements for complete data capture and ID inspection.

Desko Scanner 4X  Cube

It  impresses with state-of-the-art scanning technology  and creates high quality images . Combined with multiple light sources to reveal hidden security features. An innovative image sensor provides improved image capture and deeper image sharpness. The USB 3.0 connection transfers data 10x faster. This significantly streamlines workflows. For fast and efficient reading of 1D/2D barcodes, the PENTA Scanner 4X Cube can also be equipped with a barcode module.

Desko Icon 

Thanks to innovative OCR technology and excellent scanning characteristics, the DESKO ICON Scanner® guarantees secure data and image capture for IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and many other documents involving personal data. This makes it a perfect solution for a wide variety of sectors that require rapid electronic capture of data. From hotel check-in, age controls in casinos or car rental contracts, car dealers etc.

Desko Penta

The DESKO PENTA Scanner® Block is the perfect solution for reliable ID control. Equipped with the tried-and-tested OCR technology, it captures data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) and visual inspection zone (VIZ) of IDs, passports and driver’s licenses. An optional barcode reader for reading barcodes on paper, smartphones and tables can supplement the equipped functions.

Desko Penta Self service

 The device is perfect anywhere independent scanning and inspection of IDs, passports, employee cards or tickets is required. The PENTA Scanner for self-service features an integrated PC and extra-large, full graphics display for a compact complete terminal solution that delivers excellent ease of use and top quality

Barcode Scanner

Teaser Xenon

Are you looking for flexible barcode scanners that are impressively handy and efficient? With the DESKO Voyager 1400 and the DESKO Xenon 1950, we offer you two functional barcode guns for handheld use. These two scanners are excellent solutions for applications ranging from check-in and bag drop in passenger service to classic points of sale or versatile use in customer service.

Desko BCR 504

It is the right solution for barcode-based access control. It reliably checks barcode tickets, boarding passes and admission tickets. In this way, it delivers not only efficiency and security but also reduced waiting times and optimized service. 

Desko Queue Buster

It is your ideal choice wherever you require a flexible solution for efficient ticket control. Whether for admission control at exhibitions, festivals, sporting events or other large events – the scanner captures printed and electronic barcodes in less than half a second. You can optimize and accelerate the access control process before your events, shorten waiting times at the entrance.

Desko BGR

Efficiency, speed and user-friendliness are the hallmark of this tried-and-tested boarding gate reader. With its extra-large scan window, it reliably captures all barcodes and QR codes from paper tickets and e-tickets. Whether in counters or self-service boarding applications – the scanner’s flat, compact design allows for seamless integration into your system. 

Swipe Scanner

Desko Neptum Chrom

Keyboards don’t get any smarter than this! The DESKO NEPTUN chrom® with integrated reading unit is sure to impress with the latest technology and helps you to master all kinds of challenges at the workplace. Whether for airport check-in, registration at the doctor’s office, at bank counters, when scanning customer cards in shops or for access control at cruise ship terminals, this innovative keyboard reliably simplifies and accelerates document capture at counters, entrances and other service areas.

Desko IDenty Chrom

Are you looking for an intelligent solution for fast and secure data capture? With the DESKO IDenty chrom® we offer you a flexible swipe reader for versatile security applications. From access control to visitor registration - our innovative swipe reader supports you significantly in all security-relevant processes. It ensures a smooth workflow and accelerates work processes in the check-in area, at bank counters, entrances to casinos and gaming arcades, and in other service areas at the point of sale and in the food service sector.


ID Collect

Are you looking for a proven software that reliable and efficiently supports you and your employees with personal data collection? With DESKO ID Collect, we  developed a software tool for automated data transfer. In combination with our compatible DESKO devices, ID Collect captures the data from the scanned document and delivers the information to your existing application.

ID Analyze

Whether in registration offices, licensing authorities, banks or companies, reliable ID checks are becoming increasingly important – and increasingly difficult – in many areas.  With our software, DESKO ID|Analyze®, we meet this challenge to offer you and your employees a tool for secure and rapid analysis of IDs.

Health Certificate Check

The process of a safe and reliable check. It includes two essential security factors:


1. Checking the presented vaccination or test certificate

2. Validating the certificate by comparing it with a valid ID document

Document Authentication

All information can be saved and displayed again for further processing or future inspection in accordance with internal company regulations or statutory regulations. Our testing package for ID documents is perfectly suited for a range of different applications such as police and security controls, border controls, immigration controls and anywhere where ID checks have to be carried out.

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